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On May 7th, Vote for the Workers’ Party! Vote for WP’s East Coast GRC team, consisting of Eric Tan, Png Eng Huat, Glenda Han, Mohamed Fazli Bin Talip and Gerald Giam. We look forward to serving residents of East Coast GRC.

On May 7th, Vote for the Workers’ Party!

Vote for WP’s East Coast GRC team, consisting of Eric Tan, Png Eng Huat, Glenda Han, Mohamed Fazli Bin Talip and Gerald Giam!

Click on the links to view the candidates’ profiles. Click here for 5 reasons to vote us into Parliament.

We look forward to serving residents of East Coast GRC!

Author: Gerald Giam

Gerald Giam is the Member of Parliament for Aljunied GRC. He is a member of the Workers' Party of Singapore. The opinions expressed on this page are his alone.

13 thoughts on “Vote Workers’ Party”

  1. Wishing all of you at WP a history-changing journey.

    A Journey

    “To boldly go where no man has gone before”,
    To step into uncharted waters.
    This is “a journey of hope for change,
    A journey that takes courage and compassion”,
    A journey which deserves our best support,
    For our nation,
    For our people,
    For our families,
    For ourselves.

    Change begins with one small step,
    When you stop and think,
    Decide you can make a difference,
    Your small voice,
    Together with many other small voices,
    Can grow to move mountains.

    6 May 2011

    1. A line from Star Trek’s introductory text

    2. “A journey of hope for change,
    A journey that takes courage and compassion,
    Let us journey forth together from Aljunied
    To secure a bright future for Singapore.”

    ~ Chen Show Mao, Worker’s Party Rally, 5 May 2011, rally-%E2%80%93-aljunied-grc-serangoon-stadium-2/

  2. Dear Gerald,

    If WP were to succeed in getting a footing in parliament, as younger citizens of Singaporem, I would like to see education that promotes more thinking individuals especially towards political and social issues. It should not take another bad 5 years for singaporeans to take note of political issues. To educate the public on our voting rights, etc.

    Just a thought.

  3. Should you be offered the opportunity to take up an NCMP seat, I implore you earnestly to take it up. Among all the WP candidates I must say I was very impressed with your speeches, and I feel you will represent the ideals of the WP well in Parliament. Now an extraordinarily heavy responsibility falls on WP this time round, considering that you guys managed to edge out a well-liked foreign minister and his team of ministers and minister-hopefuls, I believe you possess the capability to aid your party to greater heights and prove that the voters in Aljunied did not make an erroneous decision by voting for WP. Today, 08th May 2011 marks the day when WP brought about a significant change to the history of Singapore’s politics, and it will be remembered as such. I could find no way to express my heartfelt gratitude to the team that contested in Aljunied, so I hope you could send my regards to them.

    Towards a First World Parliament!

    Roland Yan

  4. Dear Gerald,

    Although the Workers’ Party did not win in the East Coast GRC, the performance was spectacular. It was the best performing GRC for the opposition, despite facing competition from two heavyweight ministers.

    With just one NCMP seat available for the five of you who contested in the East Coast GRC, I’m not sure who will take it, though my friends and I who watched the results together all rooted strongly for you. Regardless of the party’s decision, I hope that we will see you again in 2016. Perhaps the East Coast will experience a spillover effect from Aljunied in a way that Aljunied has experienced from Hougang.

    Today is the start of a new era for democracy in Singapore. The Workers’ Party deserves credit for that. The result is testament to that, with the Workers’ Party brand helping its candidates secure impressive vote shares across the island (Joo Chiat!!!). An alternative to the PAP is no longer inconceivable. And being a supporter of an opposition party is no longer something to be discreet about. When I walked to the polling station to cast my vote for you this afternoon, I was dressed in light blue, and carried my blue Workers’ Party umbrella (I also bumped into Eric Tan, and shouted “Workers’ Party” to him). I supported the party with pride because I know that this is the party that will bring Singapore into this new era, and towards a first world parliament.

    Congratulations! And see you in 2016.

  5. Hi Gerald,

    Was up all night until 3+am last night watching the elections coverage. Just want to affirm your courage and fighting spirit, and your poise and wisdom throughout the campaigning. I believe you have made a significant impact on the political scene in Singapore, and have represented your party, politics, and democracy well. Keeping you and your family in prayer, brother!

    The best is yet to be!


  6. Dear Gerald,
    I agree with the rest here that you are a good speaker.I miss your speeches and I can see that you will make a good MP.Sad to say that the people in singapore care too much about flat upgrading, beautiful walkways that will bring up the price of their flats. I wish that singaporeans will come out of this mold of thinking and see a bigger picture than all these. We obviously need more alternative voices in parliament and now the chance is gone. Will 6 help? I dont doubt that the govt will bring in more esp chinese foreigners to take our jobs. My son has a friend in SMU who told us that he was offered a scholarship to study here. On top of this,he is also given lodgings, money to cover everything in singapore,but what happen to him after that? He completed his studies and returned home.He is working back in HK. I wonder if the party can restrict the govt from giving scholarships and money to foreigners so often? This angers a lot of young people all right.My dream of having more opposition MPs is gone.PAP redrawn the line of constituencies make opposition parties lose more votes and they know. It’s a sad day for people like us to see that east coast and tampines are back to PAP.

  7. Hi Gerald, congrats, I think you have done extremely well and you deserved to be a properly elected MP.

    This is what I have written to Yee JJ, I hope you can help to push for some of the changes in Parliamnet.
    “I am very encouraged by you speech that government should be more willing to take calculated risks to bring about better futuer for our children. Look at what we have, the PAPs are risk adverse and practising age old strategy handled down by LKY that won’t work anymore. I am not against attracting MNCs but I am dead against Singaporean workers being manipulated including cutting workers benefits like cpf at their wish. Recent job credit package went stright to corporate profit, they didn’t stop cutting people, I saw this happened in my company. Since you become NCMP do speakup for the people, first bring accountability of Temasek operation. Singapore do not require GIC and Temasek, both focusing on same strategy. Temasek need to be reformed and take on the role to create good jobs for Singaporean while GIC focus on investment returns. Ho Ching need to be removed, there is clearly a conflict of interest between husband and wife. LHL will not dare to say anything about HC, do you think MAS can say anything? I like what you say, we should not be afraid to create from blank. You hit right on spot what the government is lacking. Singapore is able and we must compete and draw our own future. Look at what we are capable, when threatened, SIA was formed and rest is history, similarly when threaten by Malaysia that water will be cut, we developed oustanding water management and technology. The PAP cannot create self-crisis mentality and prefered the old ways, to create good jobs they need to break away and invest heavily with a crisis mentality to create new area of growth like new energy, what makes us think that we cannot create total electric transportation in Singapore with outstanding technology . This issue is money is in wrong hands, Temasek is hopeless and bankrupt of ideas, they are not investing in the future of Singapore. Creative Technology is 3 years ahead of Apple iPod when they invented portable hard-disk player but sadly, no government saw it and fund this guy to world stage but Temasek will sink in US650million in micropolis a foriegn company and lose it all. We need more people that has industry and market experience to move Singapore to the next level. What we have now are all well educated boot-lickers that will see Singapore slide down the road yet do nothing and make belief with their own set of performance figures. We need entrepenuers like you to take Singapore forward, esle we are like slaves to the MNCs, sooner or later they will leave when cost rises. In this aspect, we lose very much to Taiwan and Korea, look at how the entrepeneurs there has been instrumental in growing their economy. Thanks you Mr Yee, I wish you all the best in Parliament.”

  8. Gerald Giam, i read many encouraging words here, I am not here to speak any more good words as I believe i need to balance up things here, now that you are an NCMP, given the fact that you will now represents us Singaporeans to speak up, WE will expect that you work on good plans and proposals, and your proposals to the ruling party and your oppositions team must be of superb ones and No More criticisms like those in rallies, rallies i agree need criticisms to pull in the votes, we encourge that, but now that the rallies are over.We expect that you as an NCMP will speak like one with proper manners and proper proposals and superb plans to speak and do not talk mouth full of none helpful criticisms, plans are for the people and your post if for the people and not for your own self, remember that,

  9. Thank you everyone for your kind and encouraging notes.

    @Geyshade – Yes I will still try to blog as much as my time allows.

    @Anson Road – I agree fully. Rally speeches are different from Parliamentary speeches. If you are interested to help me with policy proposals, please do drop me an email at gerald.giam {at}

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