Passing of JBJ

Former opposition MP & former Secretary-General of the Workers’ Party, Mr JB Jeyaretnam has died early this morning from heart failure.

I am so sad to hear of the passing of Mr Joshua Benjamin Jeyaretnam, also known as JBJ. JBJ fought his whole life to bring change to Singapore. All he received from the Government were lawsuits, partisan vitriol and a smearing of his name. Most Singaporeans, especially younger Singaporeans, had no idea what he has contributed to the country. They think he was a crazy man who just opposed for opposition’s sake. That was definitely not the case. If you read his book of parliamentary speeches, you will see countless excellent suggestions that he raised to benefit Singapore, but were simply shot down or dismissed by the ruling party.

Last night I was meeting with a bunch of friends. We were just talking about JBJ. One of my friends remarked that Singapore may not have been kind to JBJ while he was alive, but history will record that JBJ was the man that started the reform of Singapore’s political system.

Our children will thank JBJ for his contributions. I am truly grateful.

Rest in peace in the arms of the Father, Mr JBJ.


Author: Gerald Giam

Gerald Giam is the Member of Parliament for Aljunied GRC. He is a member of the Workers' Party of Singapore. The opinions expressed on this page are his alone.

5 thoughts on “Passing of JBJ”

  1. JBJ is indeed a GREAT man. He has done so much for Singaporeans that we must never ever forget him. God Bless you and may your soul rest in heavenly peace. You deserve this break. And do look after us from there…..
    We will miss you GREAT man.
    -simple citizen-

  2. while i dun agree with everything JBJ does, his passion and tenacity for his beliefs are admirable … he has done much for S’pore and its unfortunate that having just launch his new party, he will not get to fulfil his dream of being a MP again …

    the condolence letters are a joke, might as well don’t write

    p.s. gerald – gd that ur not feeding the trolls

  3. The opposition has lost a determined fighter. My condolence and sympathy…. However, I’m sure JBJ in heaven would not want us to stop fighting the PAP. Let’s continue JBJ’s fight to stop the dominance of 1-party politics in Singapore. Let’s strive to bring true democracy to Singapore by encouraging Singaporeans to vote for pluralism in our politics. Feel free to join me to continue the fight at

  4. Yes, he had been a lone voice in Parliament and it saddened us to witness his sudden demise. He had been sued bankrupt ‘zillion times’, down but certainly not out. A never-say-die fighter and he will be remembered forever and ever. Rest in peace, JBJ.

  5. My sincere condolences to his family and other loved ones. I had only one ocassion to meet Mr. Jeyaratnam, and that was when I saw him selling his book along Orchard Rd. Most people were walking past him without a moment’s glance. And so I went and bought the book, and took the opportunity to shake his hand and thank him for all of his work in Singapore. It was telling that even my close friend who was with me choose to stand far away from us while I engaged with Mr. Jeyaratnam. It is sad when fear stops us from doing the right thing. I hope that all of Mr. Jeyaratnam’s struggles will be not in vain in the long run., that his actions serve as a reminder to our conscience.

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