New Information Minister disappoints

I am disappointed to learn that Acting Minister for Information Lui Tuck Yew has upheld his predecessor’s ban on Martyn See’s film, Zahari’s 17 Years.

Said ZahariWhen RAdm(NS) Lui Tuck Yew was appointed Acting Minister for Information, Communications and the Arts in April this year, News Radio 938 interviewed me to ask for my views on his appointment. I recall telling the journalist that I hoped Mr Lui would have the boldness to do things differently from his predecessor, Dr Lee Boon Yang, particularly in the area of political expression.

I am therefore very disappointed to learn that Mr Lui, who is also an MP for Tanjong Pagar together with MM Lee Kuan Yew, has upheld his uptight predecessor’s ban on Martyn See‘s film, Zahari’s 17 Years. The film is a documentary interview with former journalist Said Zahari, who was accused by the government of then-Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew of being a communist, a violent revolutionary and a foreign agent, and detained without trial under the Internal Security Act for 17 years.

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