New NMP appointments

The new Nominated MP appointments are out:

  1. Mr Calvin Cheng Ern Lee, entrepreneur
  2. Mr Terry Lee Kok Hua, president, Singapore Insurance Employees’ Union
  3. Mrs Mildred Tan-Sim Beng Mei, managing director, Ernst and Young
  4. Assoc Prof Paulin Tay Straughan, NUS sociologist
  5. Mr Teo Siong Seng, chairman, Singapore Maritime Foundation
  6. Mr Viswaroopan s/o Sadasivan, CEO, Strategic Moves
  7. Mr Laurence Wee Yoke Thong, executive director, Presbyterian Community Services
  8. Ms Audrey Wong Wai Yen, artistic co-director, The Substation
  9. Ms Joscelin Yeo Wei Ling, former national swimmer

I’m glad that Mr Viswa Sadasivan was selected, my opposition to the NMP scheme notwithstanding. Viswa is a very insightful and frank political commentator, although he has not be quoted in the press much the last few years. I attended a very enlightening off-the-cuff talk by him last year, where he commented that there is a “crisis of leadership” in our nation. I blogged about it on TOC (with his permission). If he doesn’t pull his punches, and speaks what he really thinks, I think he will make a good contribution to the discourse in Parliament.

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