A most spectacular phenomenon

My wife shares her thoughts watching the total solar eclipse of 22 July 2009

I almost forgot about the total solar eclipse that took place this morning. It was a good thing that when I tuned in to my favourite radio station 933 at 8.15am and the DJs were commenting that the total solar eclipse was about to start and there would be a live telecast on Channel U. 

I was feeding my daughter Hannah breakfast and I told myself to quickly finish feeding her so I could watch it on TV. 

Even though I was not able to experience it in Singapore, it was very amazing to even watch it on TV especially since the program was in Chinese and I appreciate Chinese, programmes more than English ones. I could feel the emotions and excitement through the ‘live’ telecast and I couldn’t help but get excited with them too. 

It was very magnificent when the sun was completely covered by the moon within a few minutes. It reminded me of the thrill and happiness that I had when I was able to watch the sunset with my husband Gerald outside my flat in Sembawang a few weeks ago. 

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