MP’s loan “probably the biggest” ever given out

This was the explanation given by Dr Ong Seh Hong, PAP MP for Marine Parade GRC and COO of Ren Ci Hospital, regarding the $60,000 loan he took from Ren Ci.

I was an employee of GIC in 1999. I was offered by Ren Ci Hospital and Medicare Centre to be Director, Medical & Paramedical Services in January 2000.

However to leave GIC, I had to pay S$560,000 to settle my outstanding staff housing loan. I agreed to join Ren Ci on condition that I received a loan of S$60,000, to pay off in part the amount of S$560,000 and I paid the remaining S$500,000 from bank loan.

When I borrowed the sum of S$60,000 from Ren Ci, I was not an MP. It was lent to me as staff, and was part of the terms on which I agreed to join Ren Ci. I have since repaid the sum fully.

Now that this shocking revelation has surfaced as a result of the cross examination of Ren Ci’s former HR head in court on Thursday, who cares who else Ming Yi loaned money to? I think all Singaporeans care about now is why a supposedly whiter-than-white PAP MP set the record for “probably the biggest loan given out”, according to Ren Ci’s former HR director. Bigger than even the loan Ming Yi gave to his aide, Raymond Yeung.

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