The Pledge is not an aspiration or ideology – it’s a PROMISE

This article was first published in Hammersphere.

I have been following the debate in Parliament and outside about the National Pledge and how it should be applied to Singapore’s laws and policies. The debate was sparked off by a motion and a speech by new Nominated MP Viswa Sadasivan, and amplified when MM Lee Kuan Yew stepped in to weigh in with his views.

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Happy National Day, Singapore!

Here’s wishing all my fellow Pink NRIC holders, citizen-soldiers, workers, fathers, bloggers, political activists and all other Singaporeans (and those who call Singapore home) a very Happy 44th National Day!

I thank God for blessing our country with peace and prosperity, a diversity of cultures to enjoy, and passionate and wonderful people to share this beautiful island under the sun with!

Although I don’t usually like the manufactured patriotism of our national songs, I think this innovative medley by local band Isk, Hosni & Friends (or 20 Dischanger) simply rocks! I must have listened to it almost 20 times in the past 2 days, which is very unusual for me for any song.

Building a Truly Great Nation

The Workers’ Party National Day Statement 2009

National Day in Singapore has always been an occasion when Singaporeans look back with pride at our achievements as a young nation.

Our country was founded 44 years ago on the ideals of democracy, peace, progress, justice and equality. It was a moment which we can justly be proud of. Yet, for some time now, it seems that we have been losing our way on some of these ideals.

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