Let’s return to the Malaysia Cup

The S-League has proven to be quite a failure, to the point where the only people who watch it are those who have placed bets on the matches. It’s no point continuing to pour money into a losing venture. A little bit of compromise and humble-pie eating will be in order to get our teams back into the Malaysia Cup.

I like Aymeric Lim’s letter to the Straits Times Forum on Saturday 17 October. Like many Singaporeans, he called for Singapore to return to the Malaysia Cup football league.

He offered a new suggestion which I hadn’t heard before: Instead of returning as the Singapore national team, our current clubs in S-League could go in separately on their own. There could also be stricter caps on the number of foreign players allowed on each team. This could dispel the Malaysians’ fear that our over-funded national team will overwhelm their state teams and malu them again. I think the Malaysian teams and fans will welcome the competition. I’m sure sponsors on both sides will  definitely support it.

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