Govt considers covering congenital illnesses under MediShield

MediShield should be run on social principles, to ensure that no child, no adult, no elderly person is left behind because of their inability to pay.

I am glad to read that, in response to the calls from several Singaporeans, including Tan Kin Lian and myself, the government is now considering covering under MediShield, the national health insurance scheme, children with congenital illnesses.

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MediShield should cover congenital illnesses

If CPF Board can cherry pick who to insure and who to reject, then what makes it different from any profit-oriented private insurance company?

Two letters to the Straits Times forum in the past week shed light on a little known fact that our national health insurance scheme, MediShield, does not provide the universal coverage that many Singaporeans would have expected it to.

On September 2nd, a parent wrote in to express dismay that his newborn daughter was refused MediShield coverage because she was born with a suspected cyst in her lungs, a condition diagnosed during pregnancy. He said the CPF Board, which manages MediShield, denied her coverage, citing “the higher insurance risk posed by her pre-existing health condition”.

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