Malaysian-Registered Motor Vehicles Entering Singapore

Parliamentary Question to the Transport Minister on 12 August 2013.


Mr Gerald Giam Yean Song asked the Minister for Transport (a) in each of the last six months, how many Malaysian-registered motor vehicles entered Singapore, with a breakdown by (i) nationality of the vehicle registrant (ii) vehicle type and (iii) duration of stay in Singapore; and (b) what are the allowable reasons for Singaporeans residing in Malaysia to enter Singapore with Malaysian-registered vehicles.

Mr Lui Tuck Yew : In the last six months, foreign-registered vehicles made about 9 million trips into Singapore, or about 1.5 million trips per month. About 67% are made by motorcycles, 24% by cars and the remainder by goods vehicles, buses and taxis. More than 90% of these trips are of duration two days or less, with about 80% of one day duration only. We do not have statistics on the nationality of the vehicle owners.

Under the Road Traffic Act, Singapore Citizens and Permanent Residents are not allowed to drive or use foreign-registered vehicles in Singapore, unless they meet certain conditions. They must prove that they work and reside in West Malaysia, and have paid the relevant Singapore registration fees and taxes for these vehicles as if they were registered in Singapore. Furthermore, they are allowed to drive their Malaysian-registered vehicles into Singapore only for up to 28 weekdays a year, in addition to weekends and Singapore public holidays. Similar to foreigners driving foreign-registered vehicles into Singapore, they must pay the applicable Vehicle Entry Permit fee, which is $20 per day for cars, when they enter Singapore, and the vehicles must not stay in Singapore for more than 14 days per visit.

LTA takes strong enforcement action against individuals who drive or use a foreign-registered vehicle illegally. The maximum penalty is a fine of up to $5,000 or imprisonment of up to six months.

Author: Gerald Giam

Gerald Giam is the Member of Parliament for Aljunied GRC. He is a member of the Workers' Party of Singapore. The opinions expressed on this page are his alone.

9 thoughts on “Malaysian-Registered Motor Vehicles Entering Singapore”

  1. I knew some Malaysian friends that actually drove to work from Johore everyday and the math is very interesting. 250days X $20= $5000 per year including Restricted zones entry.
    Singaporean :More expensive car + average $6000 anual COE + road Tax + Restricted zones charges= why being a Singaporean and kena pay more than foriegners =???
    They should have a law that if the Malaysian cars that come in for more than 30 to 40 times a year will be charge a amount $60 per day if not pay a anual fees of $10000.
    Wha you see I am trying to help the gov to earn extra revenue, should give me some commissions.

  2. If charge more, the costs will just pass down to the local people. Just like raising GST. Those kowkays up there not stupid one. The best option is to be more social, cohesive, inclusive and all the blad blad shit – one singapore family with at least one kid is entitled to one free coe. Family without a car will never enjoy what is true family living.

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