Support WP’s East Coast GRC team on Nomination Day

Please come and show your support for the Workers’ Party on Nomination Day for the Singapore General Election 2011

Please come and show your support for the Workers’ Party on Nomination Day for the Singapore General Election 2011!

East Coast GRC and Punggol East SMC teams will meeting friends and supporters at:

Venue: Blk 51 New Upper Changi Road (void deck)

Time: 10.00am

Attire: Light blue tops

From here, we will walk to the Nomination Centre (at Bedok View Secondary School) just a few hundred metres away.

The Nomination Centres for other WP teams and a security advisory from the police are listed here.

Author: Gerald Giam

Gerald Giam is the Member of Parliament for Aljunied GRC. He is a member of the Workers' Party of Singapore. The opinions expressed on this page are his alone.

17 thoughts on “Support WP’s East Coast GRC team on Nomination Day”

  1. Break a leg! The next nine days are going to be so withering and will test your mettle as a serious politician. Show us and the PAP what you’re made of by showing true sportsmanship, something the PAP is incapable of. We hunger for change and cannot stomach another five years of broken record PAP BS. Don’t let us down. Godspeed!


  2. I will be supporting you all the way. Change is long overdue and you’re the one to give it!

  3. Hi, I just recd your party newsletter when i came home.

    Just to let you know Bedok south ave 3 block 46 to 50 (both

    block inclusive ) are SER blocked rented out. About 85 pct of

    those staying here are foreigner, ie Vietnamese, Chinese, Burmese, Indian and others.

    Please take this into account when u go house visiting. Dont waste too much time here.


  4. dear Mr Giam and team, while i sincerely wish you and your team all the best, i am currently more perturbed by a smaller but still significant issue.

    try as i may, i couldn’t find any map which clearly delineates the electoral boundaries. short of obtaining the I/C and issue dates of my friends around Hougang, it seems i can’t really tell who’s in Aljunied GRC or Punggol-Pasir Ris GRC (i’m assuming the boundaries for Hougang SMC is the same Ave7-Ave5-UppSerRd).

    could you kindly direct me to any link which can clearly delineate the electoral boundaries? i would like to know with some precision where the lines are drawn. i believe this to be reasonable for a voter to ask.

    thank you and God bless you.

  5. Hi Mr Giam,

    I am a resident of Bedok, belonging to East Coast GRC, and a first-time voter. My family and I are very interested to attend WP’s rallies for East Coast and would like to know when they will start. I’ve searched the WP website for info but it only states that there will be a rally at Hougang and Aljunied. Pls do advise.


  6. Hi Mr Giam,

    I am from East Coast GRC. I wish WP all the best. I will support the team. Hopefully, there will be a rally in the East Coast area! all the best! I totally agree with the statement made by Eric Tan below.

    Taken from TODAYonline:
    Asked how he would rate the WP’s chances, Mr Tan said: “I do not want to speculate on the outcome but I know people want more checks and balances, they want more Opposition voices in Parliament.”

  7. Dear Mr Giam,

    I would also like to highlight things that are important to me. I am not interested in lift upgrading or upgrading of the Bedok market. Nor am I interested in how many more MRT stations there are gonna be or if there is a Univ in the east of Singapore. I understand that these are important to some, but I am more interested, like many of my peers, in things such as work-life balance. This is the way forward to boost our population. It has to be a long-term plan. Working mother’s should be given more options such as working from home. And the issue with foreigners. We are not concerned by the blue collar workers who have been here for many decades, but more about the new PRs-PRCs, NRIs and everthing else in between, Vietnamese, Myanmarese etc- who are replacing Singaporeans. Priority MUST be given to Singaporeans in middle and upper management jobs. We need to make Singapore more liveable, less crowded.

  8. All the best Gerald! I really really hope to see you in Parliament and see WP take down some GRCs, esp Aljunied. =))

  9. Hi Gerald,

    The dawn has come, the change is coming. I am from Nee Soon GRC. Words can hardly decribe how touched I am when I know that Mr Low is contesting in Aljunied GRC. He is doing this not for himself but for the people of Singapore. I am not interested in estate upgrading offered by the MIW. Election is not about upgrading.Thank you Gerald, Mr Low Thia Khiang and WP. You all are the heros of Singapore!!!

  10. Hi Gerald

    I am from East Coast GRC, I wish to know if who is your team will be in charge of the respective districts if your team is elected.

    To Joanna

    There should be a rally in Bedok Stadium today from 7pm to 10pm. 30 April

  11. Hi Gerald & Team

    We’re now zoned under the East Coast GRC and the residents at Loyang Valley would like to know if the future plans/promises that WP has in mind would include our neighbourhood/estate.

    We have been neglected all this while. Our Coucil Committee had brought up the bad traffic conjestion issue to LTA over these years, the fatal accident-prone area right in front of our estate, the unavailability SBS service from/to Pasir Ris Central/MRT after 7:45pm on weekdays and whole of Sundays/Public Holidays.

    Concerned Voter.

  12. Dear Team WP,

    I missed your East Coast Rally @ bedok i was at a wedding dinner. Any more rally for East Coast coming this week??

    I was at the Yishun Stadium rally earlier :) Can WP raise public transport probs along Upper Changi Road East? not much buses.. no24,no2,no5?

    wished East Coast is as hot as aljunied

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