This is Home, Truly – Stand up and fight for it!

The Workers’ Party is looking to recruit as many volunteers as possible to help in our election campaign. WP is looking to contest possibly 4 single-member constituencies and 4 group representation constituencies. Party activists have been working hard on the ground for the last five years since end of the 2006 election, but these next few weeks will be a particularly intense and critical time.


The Electoral Boundaries report was released yesterday. This begins the unofficial countdown to the Singapore General Elections, expected in just a few weeks’ time. Of late, there have been lots of goodies announced in the Budget, to be dispensed presumably days before Polling Day. There has also been a television ad campaign featuring a remix of the song, “Home” by Kit Chan, which is usually only runs during the National Day period in August.

I love the song “Home”. It movingly conveys the message that Singapore is our true home, where our family, friends and loved ones are — and where our heart remains. Many Singaporeans have gotten disillusioned with songs like these, because of how the current ruling party has diluted the Singaporean identity over the past 10 years. I choose not to be disillusioned, but to stand up and fight. This is why I joined the Workers’ Party and why I intend to help the Workers’ Party win as many Parliamentary seats as we can during the upcoming elections.

My friends, readers and fellow Singaporeans, this is the time where your actions can make a real difference to the future of Singapore. Don’t let this opportunity slip away. We need all hands on the deck now. The Workers’ Party is looking to recruit as many volunteers as possible to help in our election campaign. WP is looking to contest possibly 4 single-member constituencies and 4 group representation constituencies. Party activists have been working hard on the ground for the last five years since the end of the 2006 election, but these next few weeks will be a particularly intense and critical time.

If you are interested to help out the WP, please fill up the form at this link or if you prefer, email me at

Author: Gerald Giam

Gerald Giam is the Member of Parliament for Aljunied GRC. He is a member of the Workers' Party of Singapore. The opinions expressed on this page are his alone.

26 thoughts on “This is Home, Truly – Stand up and fight for it!”

  1. I am unable to be part of the action as I am overseas. There is always the next election.

    Here is to wishing you the very best. Hope WP finally gains some ground instead of just holding it.

  2. How do you expect me to support WP when you have a dud like Yaw Shin Leong in your party ?? !!!

    Your colleague Yaw is even in your CEC !! WTF ! A man who voted for the PAP in the last election now wants Singaporeans to vote for him ?

    If he is truly a politician of conviction, in this election he should still vote for the PAP !

    I have nothing against you personally, but Yaw Shin Leong is just a deadweight and liability to WP no matter how you look at it.

  3. I have to agree with your comments on Yaw Shin Leong, as long as WP still has that dud in their CEC, they are just not going to progress very far and will make supporters of the opposition lose confidence in WP. It was an idiotic mistake for him to openly declare his love for the PAP. I would like a good explanation why he is still in the party before. No doubt if Shin Leong stands in my ward i will still vote for WP instead of the PAP, but only because I can see the bigger picture ahead, but unfortunately for DShin Leong he can’t. Please explain properly your stand on this issue, Workers’ Party.

  4. I’m overseas as well, but I’ll help RT your tweets and I’ve several thousand Singaporeans on my Twitter account.

    I feel that WP can do more to engage people on social media though. Certainly, WP does care about feedback and comments and that is a lot better than what the PAP is doing, but PAP seemed to have a lot of people who drank the coolade.

    You can do it, win one for Singapore. Make it a better place.

  5. Hi, thank you for making a stand. I am worried that this GE will again only get a margin for each opposition like before.

    In this way, a whole generation is over and we are still at the beginning – in Square One. Sad.

  6. To all readers

    Pls do not keep making noise over Yaw Shin Leong pro-PAP stance in 2006. We need to vote out PAP 1st. Other problems can come later.

  7. It’s always the same old shit by Internet Brigades.

    They found out that Yaw voted PAP through one article and can remember so much about the article and remember to repeat it at timely moments and repeat so many times. But another article as long as the first one about Yaw’s introspection and reflection, they never once mentioned. If they are not Internet Brigades (and you know who you are), I don’t know what that is. It is clearly planned.

    As a personal friend of Yaw and the fact that Bukit Panjang remains a single ward with a high chance of PAP vs SDP, I am sure Yaw will vote SDP. Especially this is no longer Ling the shitty idiot who betray Chiam, but the very decent Dr Vincent W. See, even a shitty party like SDP, if they got good candidates, people will vote.

  8. @Daniel – No worries you can still help by posting my blog posts on your Facebook or Twitter.

    @Meryl – THanks very much!

    @Robin – Thanks that’s exactly what we need!

    @t – I believe we will have a breakthrough, with your support. Tell your friends and family about us!

  9. But Gerald, will your bigoted and homophobic stand, how many of the liberals will vote for you?

  10. Personally, I don’t see any issues with Yaw Shin Leong voting for the PAP in his ward. Are we saying that Partisan Politics should supersede the interests of what’s best for your life, your family’s life & that of fellow citizens in yr “Specific Ward?”

    By all means if one feels that a opposition candidate may provide a better alternative, work harder, puts your interests first, please give him/her a chance. But what if that isn’t the case?
    I like to qualify here, i am not specifically referring to anyone or any party or even the elections here but more of a general statement.

    As our late President Ong Teng Cheong said, & if i may quote,
    “”Some people still ask whether my long previous association with PAP will stop me from acting independently. The answer is no. My loyalty is first and foremost to the people of Singapore; it has always been so and it will always remain so.”
    I think what he said & his further actions speak volumes of what he stood for…..
    2 different links are here:

  11. Hi Gerald,

    WP is the party who can do something for us. I am from Nee Soon, hope WP will be here to give us a choice. All the best and god bless.

  12. ST reported that you are interested in joo chiat SMC. However, you must take into consideration that andrew kuan is competing there too as independent.

    As it is an upper middle class constituency, andrew kuan can siphon off significant number of votes. if he siphons more from the PAP side than opposition side, then it is worth to take a risk competing there.

    but if its the reverse,pls reconsider. compete in East coast GRC instead.

  13. Hi Gerald,

    I do hope you are able to join a strong team to take on a GRC. Probably with Ms Silvia Lim’s experience, and your strong passion and commitment to serve the people, you could be part of the first opposition team to beat PAP in a GRC.

    However, I hope you will not be too carried away be simply opposing PAP policies.

    I have always stressed that the main reason why voters choose PAP over Opposition, had and always have been, the lack of alternatives and proposals provided by the Opposition.

    In each and every GEs in the past, Opposition parties were often too carried away lambasting PAP policies, without telling the voters what the Opposition would have done instead. I do hope you are ready to share with the voters what are the plans that you have in mind. We want to hear detailed plans, schemes that will be able to serve the people in the constituency you are competing in.

    Although there is a very strong likelihood that I may not get to vote again (as I am staying in Jurong GRC), but I do hope to see credible opposition candidates to give PAP a strong challenge.

    I am still assessing the strengths of both the PAP and the Opposition. But given a chance to vote, I hope to see an Opposition team, who would be able to share some of their plans to improve the lives of the people, especially the less privileged.

    I am not undecided about who to vote for if I have a chance to vote, but I really do not wish to see episodes like “Dr Chee’s ranting in 2001” and “James Gomez’s falsify claims against Electoral Dept in 2006” by the Opposition members.

    Good luck to you Gerald

  14. @dracula and Collin,

    If Yaw Shin Leong supports the PAP so much that he even votes for them, WTF did he stand against PAP Lee Hsien Loong ???!!!

    Yaw is a hypocrite through and through !!

  15. Hi Gerald
    just bought your book today and found myself agreeing with many of your ideas. You are living in the same estate as I am. I will definitely give you my support should you or your party be contesting over here.

  16. @Hope – I hope WP can come to Nee Soon GRC too.

    @cy – The ST article was based on speculation. Thanks for your advice.

    @Meng Teck – Thanks for your well wishes. I assure you that WP has put a tremendous amount of effort into coming up with alternative ideas. Do pay attention to the current budget/COS debates in Parliament. You can visit to read the speeches.

    @Heng – Thanks for buying my book and for your support!

  17. Dear leaders of WP, NSP and SDP,

    We Singaporeans have suffer long enough under the fox Lee family. Please spread your team wisely so that each zone has 1 opposition party contesting in the next General Election. I can assure you, many of us are VERY VERY SICK of being “Native but 3rd class citizen of a nation governed by idiots who import congestions and contention”. We want those people who made our island a “Congested Islet of Foreign Talents (42% of population) – Singapore.” – TOTALLY OUT!

    Also please come contest in Chua Chu Kang or Jurong GRC, the western side! Many of us want to exercise our rights – to vote those PAP elites PIGS out!

    Sincerely hope for a CHANGE for Singapore!

  18. PAP is doing well. But, we still need to have oppositions to monitor their accoutability, transparency, checks and balances. Else swell-headed minds and complacency will bear their ugly heads. Even the grandmaster bemoan the latter.

    Best regards.

  19. Watched the debate over CNA. We all certainly need an alternative voice, who gives compassionate, balanced and logical views. Gerald, believe you would fit the bill to plug the gaps and carry the ship.

    Think you have made a great sacrifice to join the opposition with a family to support too. Wishing you the best.

  20. Gerald, yes it’s a sad day if people really become turned off by that song because it’s “associated” with Govt, even though Dick didn’t write it as such.
    But yes, the time to rise and been engaged, hopefully Singaporeans will vote without prejudice but with belief in who they want to vote for. And hopefully they won’t spoil votes either – I think that’s as bad as not turning out to vote.

  21. Shin Leong is a total liability! He is such a disgrace to opposition. Vote for PAP in his own ward in 2006 and hope his ward can have upgrading? And yet contest in AMK to ask voter to vote for him?

    Such a hypocrite and selfish people!

    WP manifesto: Working towards a first world parliament with alternative voice? With this kind of person around, no way!

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