Reserved Seating

I am glad to see that the Public Transport Council and train operators have decided to change the seat signs on trains to read “Reserved Seating” instead of the less assertive “Priority Seating”.

Reserved Seating on Trains

This was a suggestion I made back in February 2008 in my paper titled Improving Singapore’s Public Transport System – A Commuter’s Perspective:


Passengers not giving up their seats to elderly/disabled

· Clearly demarcate seats designated for the elderly or disabled.

· Paint these seats a different colour.

· Place unambiguous signs at eye level (for seated passengers) instructing — not merely suggesting — that they give up their seats.

· For example:


For the elderly, disabled, pregnant women or parents carrying infants

· Work with schools to organise educational “behind the scenes” tours of the MRT, and teach students the virtue of considerate behaviour from a young age, encouraging them to lead others in following their example.

I hope this would remind able-bodied commuters of how they should be playing their part to make Singapore a more caring society.

Author: Gerald Giam

Gerald Giam is the Member of Parliament for Aljunied GRC. He is a member of the Workers' Party of Singapore. The opinions expressed on this page are his alone.

5 thoughts on “Reserved Seating”

  1. Dear Gerald,

    I just saw your post regarding the change to reserved seating. However, these days I see another problem, that is, foreigners in our country. It seems most of these foreigners could not understand or simply ignore the reserve seating signages. My observation of two “China-looking” young girls (by the way they dressed), a kiasu Indonesian family (whose son snatched the seat i was giving up for an elderly old man), and a couple of “non-Singaporean-looking-possibly-from-S.E.Asean-countries” men; all occupying the reserved seating during my train journy early this week prompted me to think that these foreigners either have no respect for the signages, or they simply could not understand them. I suggest we put a “fine” word with $1000 on the signages to deter such abuses.

  2. Hi

    It should be reserved seat or priority seat. It shouldn’t be seating. Another thing should be “Doors are closing” instead of “Doors closing”. Last but not least, “Keep clear of the doors” instead of “Keep clear of doors”. Oh .. By the way, it should be “Communication button for emergency” instead of “Emergency communication button” What do you think?

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