Of eggs and baskets

The Sage of Singapore has spoken again.

This time he told his grassroots supporters: “You vote in a Div 3 Government instead of a Div 1 Government, the whole economy will subside within three, four years. Finished!

The Straits Times reported that he said that to vote anything but top quality into office could lead to, among others, job losses and falling property prices.

“We will be worse than our neighbours…”

On restless youths, he said: “They say: ‘Oh let’s have different parties change and be in charge of Government.’ Is it that simple?”

“If ever the PAP goes corrupt, weak, it’s finished. You will have to look for a new team, and a new party. That will be very difficult. So just watch and make sure nothing goes wrong with the PAP.

I am reminded of some English saying about eggs and baskets.

Amidst all the fear-mongering about the opposition bogeyman, there was a sliver of hope in what he said.

“We know that Singapore wants (an) opposition to check the PAP. We’ll find a way to have more voices inside the assembly, but not at the risk of voting in a Div 2 or 3 Government.”

I take it to mean that the ruling party is considering allowing more alternative views to be aired in Parliament. Which would mean more than the currently allowable three non-constituency MPs? Or even more nominated MPs? Or perhaps they simply won’t be so plain mean to our earnest but feeble opposition (apart from a certain Chee) and give them a level playing field to build up their ranks with more quality candidates.

If I were a PAP campaign strategist (which I am obviously not educationally qualified to be), I would advise them to liberalize politics significantly. In one fell swoop, they would pull the rug under the opposition’s feet. After all, most people who support the opposition do so not because they think the opposition is more capable of leading, but because they don’t like the PAP’s dominance, arrogance and unfair play.

In fact, I’m told from sources in the media that PM Lee is going to announce a significant liberalization of the Internet in his National Day Rally speech this Sunday — not that it will really make much of a difference to bloggers and online rebels.


Author: Gerald Giam

Gerald Giam is the Member of Parliament for Aljunied GRC. He is a member of the Workers' Party of Singapore. The opinions expressed on this page are his alone.

4 thoughts on “Of eggs and baskets”

  1. The point is, I dont mind having a Div 3 Government. We can always solve the problems later.

  2. i actually have 2 questions to enquire.

    1. what makes a gahmen div 1? what is the criteria? happy people? rich people standing on the poor? what?

    2. what makes him so sure that the current gahmen is div 1? it is just so easy to say, “i’m the best and therefore deserve the best” when you are both judge and jury. according to my criteria it is div 3 actually. all brain/brawn, no heart.

  3. Just like in a one horse race. We are the best! The PAPies only thrive in a monopolistic environment. Fair competition? Nah… We are the best!!!

  4. So what is div 1 government in Singapore ?
    Div 1 as long as it is PAP running the show, the rest no matter how capable and potential is just trouble-maker. Anything that threaten the regime is substandard.

    Look like the emperor just elicit the verdict. Receive the verdict or face prosecution. One Singapore, One Emperor, One Dynasty.

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