Time to move on?

While some people continue to debate who is to be held accountable for Mas Selamat Kastari’s escape, Senior Minister Goh Chok Tong believes the more urgent task is to stay on top of problems like soaring food prices.

Straits Times, 27 April

A familiar pattern whenever scandals involving government wrongdoing/negligence/incompetence break out is:

  • Damage control
  • Press reports and comments on only the safe topics
  • Blogs come up with conspiracy theories
  • Grand exhortation by MM, PM and/or SM, in that order
  • Opposition makes a small whimper.
  • Press all falls in line, reporting only what the big men have said.
  • Forum page articles all show Singaporeans reacting in support of the govt.
  • Blogs go ballistic attacking the govt.
  • One of the big men says: “Let’s move on”. Agenda is abruptly changed to something relatively unimportant.
  • Press obediently complies. Blogs go even more ballistic.
  • A few weeks later, everything is forgotten.
  • People still vote for the PAP at next election.

Author: Gerald Giam

Gerald Giam is the Member of Parliament for Aljunied GRC. He is a member of the Workers' Party of Singapore. The opinions expressed on this page are his alone.

7 thoughts on “Time to move on?”

  1. Dear Gerald,

    You had provided quite a good summary of the steps the goverment has taken to cover the Selamat Fiasco, I shall call it Selamatgate henceforth.

    It appears the goverment apprarently they think that messages such as “lets move on” and keeping the local media on a leash with few stories written of the people’s reaction is a sign that they think by covering up all these things, it will go away. Its like they are sweeping the rubbish under the carpet.

    Sad. The goverment did not move on with Gomez then (not that I think Gomez is right but its the magnitude and their response that pisses me off). A guy play punk in the election and they go all guns blazing, a guy lose a dangerous terrorist and they say lets move on.



  2. Just an amusing little observation I would like to point out. :)

    Well, we are being slightly unreasonable ourselves. When Mas Selamat had just escaped and the news stirred up the nation, we toyed with the idea (- one of our conspiracy theories -) that the Government was making all of this up to detract Singaporeans from the more pressing situations like rising food, petrol and housing prices.

    Now, when a minister attempts to point us back to the problem of inflation, we think the Government’s trying to detract us the other way round this time.

  3. Interesting, Gerald.

    My view is that we’re all so fed up because we haven’t gotten an ADEQUATE and ultimately SATISFACTORY response from the government.

    Isn’t there any way that can change?

  4. There is no problem to talk about inflation and MSK at the same time. These two topics can continue to be discussed but our esteemed government stopped all the MSK discussion, including the content of the COI report.

    Oh, I forgot. Our beloved PM does not have enough time to tackle inflation and MSK at the same time as he needs more time for “fixing the opposition and buying voters”.

  5. beingtoocritical – you’re treating all bloggers as if they are one monolithic entity. In a diversity of opinions, you are bound to have contradicting views.

    rer – of course there is. If their majority in the next elections is reduced, that will certainly bring them down to earth. Look what happened in Malaysia.

    joe – You think we pay him $3 million to multi-task? He’ll need $6 million to do that.

  6. Gerald,

    Not sounding deafetist but as long as GRC is around the opposition won’t get a sniff at parliament.

    Plus the MSM do a pretty good job at painting a bad picture of the opposition so there you have it.

    Plus Singaporeans do not care about politics. They just want to make their money and migrate to Australia.


  7. Haha, Australia? I thought NZ was better. But yeah I think that’s very true. Of course our Wise Sage recently said that only those “cannot make it” types go to Australia. My parents who are there now pointed it out to me.

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