The best is yet to be for Singapore

Today is the 122nd Founder’s Day of my alma mater, Anglo-Chinese School. I’m particularly thrilled to learn that MP for Potong Pasir, Mr Chiam See Tong, who is an old boy of the school, has been invited to be Guest of Honour at the annual Founder’s Day Dinner.

This honour is usually extended to illustrious alumni who have excelled in business or public service. It is therefore unsurprising that ACS would choose to honour a man who has dedicated a good part of his life to serving Singaporeans an Member of Parliament. Mr Chiam entered Parliament in 1984 after he soundly defeated the PAP’s Mah Bow Tan with a 60% majority of votes.

What is unusual in the Singapore context is that ACS has invited an Opposition MP as Guest of Honour at this important occasion. Most high profile organisations in Singapore wouldn’t touch an Opposition member with a ten-foot pole, much less give him such a seat of honour.

I’m proud that my school has overcome this climate of fear. It speaks volumes about how the image of the Opposition has improved since the last General Election. Then again, this is a school which has also produced many opposition candidates and is known to produce independent thinkers like Tan Soo Khoon, Dr Geh Min, Eunice Olsen, Colin Goh and Lee Kin Mun (mrbrown)

Happy Founder’s Day to all ACSians! The Best Is Yet To Be and To God Be The Glory!


Author: Gerald Giam

Gerald Giam is the Member of Parliament for Aljunied GRC. He is a member of the Workers' Party of Singapore. The opinions expressed on this page are his alone.

12 thoughts on “The best is yet to be for Singapore”

  1. Chiam has always been well-loved amongst our quarter.

    I think he’s always the most popular guest at Founders’ Day dinner every year, except that they made him the official GOH this time.

    The Best is Yet to Be

  2. happy founders’ day! thought i join the blogosphere and do a bit of posting and commenting. it’s nice to know that Mr Chiam was the GOH for the dinner. It is also nice to know that there are a number of ACS boys in the PAP-dominant government.

  3. ACS deserves praise for honouring its’ old boy who have done well in life, regardless of their political identity, kudos!

  4. Hi Gerald:

    Thanks for highlighting this.

    I am proud of ACS ( always have).

    The Best is Yet to Be ( for Singapore’s future)


  5. Hi Gerald,

    1) I read in a post in the Sammiboy forum that Mr Chiam See Tong suffered from a stroke. Is that true?

    I remember snickering each time I hear him speak… that was when I was much younger. These days, I have tremendous respect for him. It is never easy to stand and fight alone.

    2) On a separate note, this family lives in the void deck:

    And I don’t think they are from the Potong Pasir or Hougang wards. Would be nice to hear your thoughts on this.

    An Old Friend

  6. Yes it was reported in ST that Chiam had a mild stroke and was warded in hospital. I hope he gets well soon.

    The Youtube clip was shot in Jurong West, if i understood the Chinese right.

  7. Have to correct James on this one – I don’t think Chiam is actually in the government; my understanding is that he is an MP, but that doesn’t make him a member of the government.
    I have to say, having spent 12 years in ACS schools, that this is one thing that actually makes me proud of being an Old Boy. True, true – we have produced many independent thinkers, and Chiam is probably one of the most admirable of them.

  8. Hi
    Having said all the good things about Chiam, his main failings would be preparing a successor for his party.
    Truth be told, once he steps down ( eg ill health etc), Potong Pasir is a gift back to the PAP. They then make it part of a GRC , then change its name and within a decade nobody remembers PP or even Chiam.
    What you think?

  9. I fully agree with you Dr Huang. But I don’t think it was for wont of trying. Opposition parties are notoriously difficult to lead, because I think they tend to attract lots of ambitious, anti-authority people. (Of course I’m not saying all oppo people are like that.)

    Potong Pasir could have been absorbed into a GRC long ago. It is by far the smallest SMC. THe fact that it still remains indicates that the PAP thinks there is some value in having a non-confrontational oppo guy in parliament to buttress their legitimacy. I don’t think they want Chiam to go any more than the rest of us do.

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