That tearful answer that won Hillary New Hampshire

I don’t think I was the only one who was a little surprised and disappointed to learn that Hillary Clinton won the New Hampshire primary, edging out the pre-poll favourite Barack Obama. Many have attributed her win to an answer she gave to an independent voter who asked her how she managed to carry on doing what she did. Here it is:

The results speak for themselves. Women in NH chose her over Obama by almost a 10 percentage point difference. I must say that watching this video leaves me little doubt that Hillary really does love her country and want to lead it forward. But I believe so do the other leading candidates.

Nevertheless this is an important lesson for politicians not to hold back showing their soft side. After all, people vote for a human being, not a policy wonk.

Author: Gerald Giam

Gerald Giam is the Member of Parliament for Aljunied GRC. He is a member of the Workers' Party of Singapore. The opinions expressed on this page are his alone.

3 thoughts on “That tearful answer that won Hillary New Hampshire”

  1. Hi. I enjoy reading your blog very much. Kudos.
    In most entries by you i don’t realy have much to say since most have been said by others. But what i read in the response from others regarding Hillary and Obama does somewhat puzzle me. From what i gather, most readers don’t seem to like Hillary.
    Admittedly i did like Obama at first, he has bright ideas etc but when i really sat down and thought about it, i felt perhaps in this era where America is facing big problems with war & a possible recession, i thought perhaps hillary would be a better choice simply and only because of her experience. I also like the idea that voting for hillary gives you 2 leaders running the country, her & her husband. But even if voters like Obama for whatever reason, i don’t seem to understand where this dislike for Hillary comes from?
    Oh by the way, i was watching the republican debates on Fox news last night, i must say Ron Paul’s answers were very good, he clearly won the debate with good specific answers to problem in the country,he’s perhaps someone readers might want to take note of.

  2. Hi kimmie – thanks for reading and sharing your thots. it means a lot to me. :)

    There have been only a few comments on my 2 posts on US elections. While I appreciate those comments too, I wouldn’t take that as an indication of what my readers in general think of the candidates. Nevertheless, from my conversations with Singaporean friends, many seem to be more favourable to Obama.

    I think unfortunately (or fortunately) for Hillary, people’s views about her get coloured by their views on her husband. Bill Clinton was a popular two-term president, but deeply unpopular among conservatives because of his very liberal leanings. Hillary has developed a reputation of being even more liberal.

    As for the argument about experience, I don’t think it’s as big an issue as Hillary claims it is. I am rooting for Obama because he seems to have a good grasp of issues and because of his proposed approach to foreign policy and his unifying approach. He promises to use diplomacy instead of weapons to reach out to allies and even adversaries. Hillary is likely to continue using the same old American style of military might first and last.

    Finally, as a mixed race (black/white) president, I think Obama will present a very refreshing new face to the US. There has never been a non-white, non-male president of the US.

    On the republican side, I’m not expecting any of them to beat the democrats.

  3. Hi Gerald,

    My post in your previous posting shows my views on Hilary. I think she is shedding crocodile tears. It appears to be staged to me, a last ditch attempt to gain sympathy votes. To date, Hilary had criticized the current administration for entering into FTA with Singapore over the latter’s Human Rights records. The last I want is a President who muddy Human Rights agenda and trade issues.

    In any case, the US politics can probably do with a man with idealism over a washington insider.

    And yes, if you have not already guess, I am sorely disappointed that Obama lost New Hampshire

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