"It’s really bad in Yangon now…please can someone do something for our country"

These are some of the pictures posted by Myanmarese bloggers from the events that have taken place today.


Here’s what ko-htike wrote:

To all folk, it is really bad in YGN, pLs can someone do something for our country, now inside YGN it has been look like War Zone, i even heard stooting over the phone. it is over 50 shots, right now. but people are not giving up to protest and more and more people coming out to street.

they even used tear gas into primary school.

Now, the government is trying to make a diversion. They give 10,000 kyats (around $7) & a set of Thin Gan(yellow robe) to “Swan Arr Shin”(like USDA which the form as a group that to crash down violently to protester) team and make them to pretend as Monks. Then, command to destroy the Islamic Mosque. This intends to become a fight between Buddhisms & Islams. So, if u hear or see the news that the monks are destroying the Mosque, these are not real monks. They are just fakes. As u all know, the real monks have no intention like that. So, give this information to Islams who u know and tell them

Today picture in Sule around noon before open fire(now regime open fire into these group, and used fireengine to sweep the blood on the street )

I heard that the Singapore government is on standby to evacuate Singaporeans from Yangon if it gets really ugly. The Singapore government knows a massacre is looming. But they are just talking and issuing statements.

Drastic action is needed NOW. Singapore and ASEAN have always boasted that their constructive engagement of Myanmar made it easier to dialogue with them. Now is the time to use that relational capital. Take out the big stick and tell the generals that they are out of ASEAN if they use any more deadly force of civilians. Singaporeans need to tell our government to stop hiding behind diplomatic statements! And Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, what are they all doing?

In an interview with the Straits Times, Singapore Foreign Minister George Yeo was asked what ASEAN would do if the junta becomes more repressive in the weeks to come. The minister said, “If…there is repression and violence where many people die…ASEAN can issue statements. ASEAN can shed tears. But at that point in time, it will be a fight within Myanmar itself.”

Bravo! Let’s just wash our hands clean of this and say, “What to do? Die, die lor!”.

ASEAN has proven itself to be one huge, big talkshop. No action, talk only.

Author: Gerald Giam

Gerald Giam is the Member of Parliament for Aljunied GRC. He is a member of the Workers' Party of Singapore. The opinions expressed on this page are his alone.