Sponsor a Child, Change a Life

Dear friends and readers,

I have been a child sponsor with World Vision Singapore for over five years and have personally found it very meaningful. The Child Sponsorship Programme has given me a precious opportunity to invest in the development of a child, his family and his community in a poor country like Vietnam, where my sponsored child lives. It’s a joy to receive regular news about my sponsored child and learn about how he is progressing because of the development work run by World Vision in his community.

World Vision Child Sponsorship addresses the root causes of poverty and points children and families towards fullness of life — physically, emotionally and spiritually.

When you sponsor a child, World Vision helps your sponsored child through implementation of an Area Development Programme in his or her community. This programme ensures that basic infrastructure such as access to nutritious food, clean water, basic healthcare, education, increased food security and household income is available to the child and his community.

If you would like to find out more about how to change a life through World Vision’s Child Sponsorship Programme, click here to visit the World Vision Singapore website, or you could email me at sgpatriot [at] gmail.com or post a comment on this blog.

A simple gesture of compassion can make a huge difference in the lives of these children.



Author: Gerald Giam

Gerald Giam is the Member of Parliament for Aljunied GRC. He is a member of the Workers' Party of Singapore. The opinions expressed on this page are his alone.

5 thoughts on “Sponsor a Child, Change a Life”

  1. quick question:

    World Vision a Christian-backed organisation. Does it also aim to spread its evangelical message as it goes out to help people?

    sorry, but i’m skeptical of religious-backed charity organisations.


  2. aygee,

    I think that’s a good question. It is one of their stated aims to spread the love of God to the people they help. But based on their actions since their founding, it is clear they intend to do that by first and foremost helping the people and communities in need.

    In short, they are demonstrating their Christianity by their deeds, much more so than their words.

    I concede there might be other organisations that focus on words first, deeds second. But I am convinced that WorldVision is not one of them.

  3. Sponsoring a child is something GREAT anyone can do to help out this world. My family is supportive of two young Africans in their efforts to finish school. The money they send goes directly to the school to make sure it is put to the correct use. I am curious about World Vision and will check out the website further when I get a chance!!

    I encourage anyone who is curious or skeptical about sponsoring children to check out my blog at http://www.tcantalk.blogspot.com

    It is a new blog, but provides information and links to Trinity Aid Community Network, Inc. which contains all of the details. This is also a christian-based organization. I too have been skeptical…and may still be, but this organization has impressed me! They are strong believers in spreading the love of Jesus in a way that is encouraging and faith-giving, not pressured. Any feedback on the org would be appreciated.

    And, one more quick thing. The mission trip to Uganda just returned and my new posts will be covering their life experiences!!

    Look forward to hearing from you!


  4. HI.
    Actually I was looking for such avenue but found that most of the child sponsoring program i found on the net are either Canadian, US or UK based and do not allow people residing outside these places to contribute. I want to help but have many enquiries and i know this is long term commitment. i really hope to talk to someone who has done it.do wanna know if I can also have the OPTION to visit the child in the future? I see these children, I really feel that we are all so lucky in Singapore.

  5. Hi,

    Singapore, both World Vision and Salvation Army have child sponsorship programmes. I’m a donor for both, so will be glad to answer any questions you have about them. You can also email me at sgpatriot at gmail.com.

    World Vision used to organize trips to visit your sponsored child. I don’t know if they still do. But it usually takes place every few years.

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